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What should I do if the machined aluminum parts are oxidized and blackened?

What should I do if the machined aluminum parts are oxidized and blackened?

In machine processing plants, it is common to process a wide variety of materials. Under normal circumstances, there are iron, copper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc., but because aluminum alloy is different from other metals, the material is relatively soft, if it is machined. If it is handled in time, it will appear black and oxidized. If the customer requests the product, the product will not pass the quality inspection. It is troublesome to black out the product. If the surface finish is not very high, you can wipe it off with sandpaper. If you want high light, then it won't work. Serious may be scrapped. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the oxidation of aluminum parts when machining aluminum parts. Why is oxidation occurring during processing of aluminum alloys? How can I prevent oxidation? That is why I will explain to you today the small series of Huaying machine processing factory - why the machined aluminum parts will be blackened.
First we have to understand why aluminum parts are black.
First, the machine was machined with other metal materials during machining, and the cutting fluid and lubricating oil in the machine tool were not replaced for a long time.
Second, the coolant is not evenly sprayed during processing. The local temperature of the machine factory product is too high, resulting in accelerated oxidation.
Third, the processed workpiece failed to be blown dry with compressed air in time, resulting in water or oil on the surface of the product.
Fourth, when the product is processed and cleaned with corrosive syrup, the residue of the untreated surface will cause corrosion of the product.
The oxidation of aluminum alloy workpieces is basically related to the above factors.
How to prevent the oxidation of machined aluminum parts?
First, the machine should always check whether the machine tool has oil leakage, clean the inside of the machine to ensure clean, replace the cutting fluid and lubricating oil on time, and ensure that the machine tool and the product can get good lubrication.
Second, the newly processed workpiece is cleaned by first putting it into clean water, and dried by using compressed air to ensure that the surface of the product is water-free and oil-free.
Third, try not to use corrosive cleaning agent and coolant to prevent corrosion and blackening of aluminum alloy
In order not to prevent the oxygen prevention of machined aluminum products is the most important, don't wait for problems to come back to work, it is not worthwhile.