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How to machine profiles with CNC lathes?

How to machine profiles with CNC lathes?

As far as lathe processing is concerned, CNC lathe processing is the same as processing of bars. Because CNC lathes are machined with spindle rotating materials, can CNC lathes process other shapes, such as square materials. In fact, it is ok, CNC machining squares and profiles can be machined as long as the corresponding fixtures are done, then what should you pay attention to when processing the profile with CNC lathe? The small series of the Huahua CNC lathe processing plant will analyze how to use the CNC lathe to process the profile.
First of all, the preparation work for CNC lathe processing profiles is
1. To make a fixture that matches the shape of the material, it is necessary to use a wire-cutting to make the fixture. The material of the fixture must be tough, because the clamp is easily damaged when the clamp is in the process, and the fixture may be seriously damaged. If the situation is open, if you are not sure about it, it is best to sell the fixture. Although it is more expensive, it can save a lot of things. Secondly, you should prepare at least two fixtures, one for spare. If the fixture has problems, you can immediately make up. In order to avoid loss caused by downtime.
2. When processing the opposite sex, the rough turning tool should be prepared. For example, when the square material is processed, the material is rotated, and the force of the processing tool is far greater than that of the processed bar. If the tool is damaged during the processing, if it is not found, continue. If it is running, it will only be damaged after the tool is damaged. Serious workpieces will be laid down, the tool holder will be smashed, and more serious workpieces may be hit out of the machine. If you hit someone, it is unimaginable, so when machining the profile on CNC lathes It is necessary to prepare enough rough turning knives.