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How to choose a machining tool How much do you know?

How to choose a machining tool How much do you know?

The masters who are engaged in machining know that when processing a product, the quality of the processing and the length of the machining are related to the machined tool. Therefore, in machining, in addition to programming, it is also very important to find the tool. How to find the tool that is suitable for processing each product, then today's Xiaobian chat factory, how to choose the tool used in the process
(1) Production properties The production property here refers to the batch size of machined parts, mainly considering the influence on the tool selection from the processing cost. For example, the use of special tools in mass production may be cost-effective, while in single or small batch production, the choice of standard tools is more suitable.
(2) Machining machine type The effect of the CNC machine used to complete the process on the selected tool type (drill, turning or milling). High productivity tools such as high speed cutting tools and large feed turning tools are allowed under the condition that the workpiece system and the tool system are rigid.
(3) Machining scheme Different CNC machining schemes can use different types of tools. For example, the machining of holes can be done with drills and reamers, or with drills and boring tools.
(4) Size and shape of the workpiece The size and shape of the workpiece also affect the choice of tool type and specification. For example, special surfaces should be machined with special tools.
(5) Machining surface roughness The surface roughness of the machining affects the shape and cutting amount of the tool. For example, rough rough milling cutters can be used for rough roughing, and fine-tooth milling cutters are preferred for finishing milling.
(6) Machining accuracy Machining accuracy affects the type and shape of the finishing tool. For example, the final machining of the hole can be processed by drilling, reaming, reaming or boring according to the accuracy of the hole.
(7) Workpiece material The workpiece material will determine the choice of the tool material and the geometry of the cutting part. The tool material is related to the machining accuracy of the workpiece and the material hardness.