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How to solve the problem that the machine processing factory is too slow?

How to solve the problem that the machine processing factory is too slow?

Some ways to increase efficiency in machine shops:
(1) The machining part production plan of the machine shop is planned according to the company's production and operation plan, mainly to meet the annual customer demand. In addition, according to the characteristics that can be stored in the workpiece, the shop's own minimum inventory planning is carried out, and the balance can meet the customer's demand, minimize the inventory and reduce the storage cost, and reduce the risk of inventory alarm through limited inventory, and produce equipment and mold for the processing plant. Maintenance time is provided.
(2) The quality of raw materials must pass. The mechanical properties of the steel directly affect whether a qualified processed product can be obtained. By processing and comparing the test data of the steel plate with the corresponding state of the production parts, the processing enterprise obtains the performance parameter range of the steel material that can produce the qualified parts, and continuously optimizes the processing mold to expand the steel performance range to achieve the purpose of cost saving. In addition, the thickness and viscosity of the oil film on the surface of the steel also largely determine the forming properties of the steel, and even in the case of abnormal oil film, it is impossible to produce.
(3) Daily maintenance of the press. Machine processing plants should focus on improving the skills of maintenance workers, carrying out diversified maintenance skills training and skill competitions, cultivating the correct solutions and solutions for maintenance workers, and accumulating a large number of failure cases to create a suitable workshop for maintenance workers. Punch maintenance manual.
(4) Maintenance of processing molds. For the maintenance of the processing tool, the focus is also on the improvement of personnel skills. Due to the generally young employees in the processing workshop, the average age is around 25 years old, and the improvement of employee skills is particularly important.