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What should I pay attention to when doing CNC machining in winter?

What should I pay attention to when doing CNC machining in winter?

Guangdong is very cold this winter, the clothes are very expensive, I am very poor. Recently, these words have been sent out in the circle of friends, although the temperature in Dongguan this year is 0.37 points colder than last winter, but the Huaying CNC processing plant The enthusiasm for work is still not at all. What should I pay attention to in the processing of CNC machining in the winter of the twelfth lunar month? Then Huahua Xiaobian will talk to you today, what should be prevented by the CNC processing plant in winter?
First, in the factory workshop in the winter, the floor must be on the floor, on the table, next to the machine, there is a small otter, because the temperature in winter is lowered, the water evaporation is not as fast as in the summer, if the bottom plate has water people passing carelessly It is not good to slip. If most of the water next to the machine is leaking out of the machine, it will be unimaginable if it is not cleaned up in time. Therefore, the workshop must be kept ventilated and dry in winter. Although the weather is cold, it is necessary to let the workshop ventilate.
Second, workers must not wear gloves when operating the machine, because the machine tool will have a lot of metal waste when processing, it is also very sharp, although wearing gloves can keep warm, but if the gloves are entangled with waste and there is no machine Stop running, the hand is easily entangled into the machine tool will cause great damage, so do not wear gloves when operating the machine, do not pick up the goods when the machine is running, loading, to avoid irreparable consequences